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The Walmart Society: A Look at America’s New Underclass


In this extract from Alan Friedman’s new book, This Is Not America (Biteback Publishing), we meet Nita Fischer, a single mother who was fired by Walmart when she became pregnant.

August 13, 2017 – (…) I was working for Walmart in the deli department, serving food, making Continua a leggere

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To understand Donald Trump you have to understand his mentor, a lawyer named Roy Cohn

Advance extract from This Is Not America, published July 20th by Biteback Publishing. August 3th, 2017 – (…) What kind of America had just elected Trump? And who was the real Donald Trump: the ideologue or the pragmatist?


Trump Unplugged: Why I Favour Brexit and Can’t Stand Angela Merkel

Extract from This Is Not America (Biteback Publishing). July 21th, 2017 – (…) I never liked the idea of the euro from Day One. I don’t like it